Walk out the door every day with CONFIDENCE and HIGH self-esteem!

A 6 Week Program to Step Into Your Best

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Walk out the door every
day with CONFIDENCE and HIGH self-esteem!

| You struggle with discovering what truly suits your body.
| You feel like everything makes you look frumpy. 
| You are sick of wasting money on clothes that you never wear because they’re not quite right and you don’t know why.
| You are unsure of how to put outfits together that work for you.
| You weren’t born with style and haven't found someone who you can learn from. 

You're in the right place if...

Step Into Your Best


Spend less time worrying about what to wear!

Lifetime access to 6 Online Course Lessons focused on style and confidence (access immediately!) 

6 Week Membership in a Private Online Community for recommendations, tips, & advice!


Group Coaching with Kim McClure

  • 11 items for Your Well Built Wardrobe 
  • Expressing Style or Mood with Color
  • Tailoring 101 Guide
  • Savings Tips for Clothing Purchases
  • Workshop Videos from How to find the perfect jeans



Save money, adore your wardrobe, and get ready FASTER.

Have confidency buying clothes that flatter your body. 

Have lots of outfit options you adore. 

I'm ready to learn!

"Enhanced  my best features."
- Georgia Stanley

"In just a short session, Kim gave me a wealth of information! I asked for her service because I have several rolls in which I need to look polished and professional as well as friendly and relatable. She showed me how to enhance my best features and camouflage areas that need help! She gave me tips for shopping for flattering fit, accessories, tailoring and even some make up tips. She is friendly and personable and I had a great time in our session. I highly recommend her!"

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| Having the mindset to approach your business/life with confidence.
| Learning how to look your best every day.
| SAVING money by not buying what you won't wear.
| Getting coached on how to put that outfit together or work on the mindset to be your most confident self.


"Loved my styling sessions with Kim"
- Jeannie Helm

"I loved my styling sessions with Kim. Kim created a varsatile wardrobe for me that blended beautifully my professional objectives, body type, and personality. Besides our time being fun, Kim has a gift in making you feel as fabulous as you look!"

I'm ready to feel fAB!


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"Confidence comes through when you put YOUR style and YOUR personality out to the world!"

Kim D. McClure
Founder of KDM Life & Beauty



Kim McClure, Certified Coach, and owner of KDM Life & Beauty is your next best girlfriend! Kim is a personal stylist at heart and has over 35 years in the beauty industry. 

Kim’s methods and strategies to understanding and dressing for YOUR personality and body type are a confidence game changer.

Step into Your Style using Kim’s techniques during your next live video, presentation, interview, or meeting and you will feel and see the difference. That difference can mean new sales, new clients, and ultimately getting to that 6+ figure salary you have been dreaming of.

"I finally got around to doing my measurements and found out I am a pear shape. I always thought I was a stick and straight but the measurements don’t lie, right? So I took the advice of the sheets Kim provided and bought the dress in picture attached for a Christmas party. I felt great wearing it!"