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Three Mistakes Women Make When Dressing Their Body Type

Knowing your Body Type makes getting dressed so much simpler. So why do women make three mistakes when their are dressing for their body type?

First – they guess or assume their body shape. Sure it takes time to measure but it’s so worth it!!

Don’t assume. I used to think, “I have skinny legs, so I guess I’m a Carrot, and I’m long-waisted” Well turns out I was WRONG! I’d been using the guidelines for a Carrot which never worked for me. Well, that’s because I am a PEAR. Many women assume they are one shape, but they find out they are something else when they measure. Until you know your actual measurements, the guidelines won’t help. So take the time to measure.

Second – thinking that having a list of clothes that work for your body shape is all you need.

So many women I work with want a list of clothes that will work for them – they want me to say – “wear V necks and don’t wear prints on the top.” Granted, I do offer a fantastic shopping guideline for you that will help you know what clothes work for your shape, and that is helpful. However, it’s a mistake only to think you need to know the “clothes” Knowing WHY things work you freedom and helps set you up for any situation. It makes me sad when a woman thinks she can’t wear something. Learning how to style your outfit, and your personality helps you not limit yourself. Matter of fact my Step Into Your Best BootCamp is a 6 week self paced course that deals with so much more than just Body Type. Using a list and only a list can be so limiting. Plus you may even be a combination of more than one body type and then how would you know what “list” to use? And that leads to mistake the third mistake

Third – not learning how to style your outfits to fit your personality and life.

As mentioned in number 2, most women get stuck on a list and stop there. The list is helpful, it’s a great starting point. However, you have to learn to create outfits that look fabulous on you! Do you like a more flowy look, a more structured look . . . these things depend on your personality. What’s suitable for one woman’s Pear shaped body may not be ideal for YOUR Pear shaped body. Knowing your style and not being afraid to experiment, plus learning how pieces work together, will help you to be able to Step Out with Confidence. If you’re not a part of my Facebook Community, join us !! We’d love to have you!

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Three Mistakes Women Make When Dressing Their Body Type

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