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5 Mindset Shifts to Make Before You Edit Your Closet!  

Why is it hard to let go of clothes? Is it sentiment?    Is it because you feel like you’re throwing money away?       

Let me share five mindset shifts that helped me edit my closet!           

Every time I used to purge my closet, I would feel drained emotionally because my clothes were a part of me.      So I began researching how to get past that and make it easier.    Chances are you go thru a story in your head about each piece you touch – am I right?   Our clothes are an extension of us, and parting with them can be stressful. So when I began using these steps before a closet edit, it made such a huge difference.    It gave me “permission” to release my clothes and helped me clarify.    

So let’s get past “reading” about how to purge our clothes and get it done – deal?   

1. Know YOUR STYLE?   

If you don’t know your style, it’s hard to know what to keep—knowing what you like is vital.    For example, what is your favorite thing to wear – skirts or pants?   Florals or stripes?  Jackets or cardigans?   

One way to find your style is to create a Pinterest board.    Giving yourself a visual will help you see a common theme.  The image below is one of my style boards.

When you struggle to let an item go from your closet, hold it up to your inspiration pictures and ask yourself, “Is this part of my desired personal style?”

If the answer is yes, you keep it.   If it’s a no, let it go. 

2. You spend good money on an item, how can you get rid of it?     

Every woman has been there – we look at our donation pile and feel the guilt of wasted money.   But here is a thought – it’s money already spent, whether it’s hanging in your closet or in someone else’s, and it could be a huge blessing to that person.    One of my favorite mind games I like to play is to think about how much joy the woman who finds what I donate has as she discovers the item.   

Think of it as clutter and remove it – it can even become a source of tension when you walk into your closet.   Who needs extra annoyance?   

You have a couple of options: sell it through a consignment shop, Thredup or Poshmark.    Or bless someone with it by donating the item.    

If it’s ripped, stained, or worn out, just throw it out or recycle it.   

3. It’s Simply Not Coming Back in Style

Looking frumpy or dated is something we want to avoid, am I right?     Helping you to look stylish is my passion, so when something is “out of style” and not coming back, I often say I care less about making you look trendy and more about looking current and modern.

Looking dated, especially as we age, is what we’re trying to avoid.

We all know trends come and go, but each year there are subtle details to make things modern. So if you have a Chanel tweed jacket or YSL suit, it might not be out of Style, but most of what is in your closet isn’t coming back in style.  

To find out if something is dated, compare what you have to the current pictures of the same item on Pinterest.  Look at details like color, shoulder shape (that’s a red flag there), buttons, pocket placements, and length and width of pants.

If you bought something in 2000, it’s over 20 years old – chances are pretty good the fit, the styling, and the lines are outdated.   

Another great way to see if it’s out of style – ask a friend who has fashion style or even your kids – they will be brutally honest.   

Fresh eyes always give you a good objective.  

4. Don’t “Save” Your Stuff for Someone Else

A thought that always came to my mind while doing my closet edit was, “I’ll keep that and see if . . . . . .wants it.”     

Guess what  – this was just an excuse to let me hang onto the item.  

Most of your friends and neighbors don’t want what you are giving away unless it’s heirloom quality or sentimental. Those you may wish to make “hand me downs”.   

So don’t burden the people you love with your old stuff.     If you have something vintage or sentimental – have it cleaned and put away. 

Don’t fall into the trap of keeping something to “give away.”   

5. Remove the items you can’t decide on from your main closet.  

If you have a few items you can’t decide on, consider storing them in another closet or a bin under the bed.    Let them go if you haven’t given them a second thought at the end of the season.    

This also goes for the clothes you’re “hoping” will fit!   When I finally purged my “skinny” clothes, it was sooooooo freeing.    Knowing I didn’t have to guilt myself into trying to hold back from them.   

If you’re on a weight loss journey, move the pieces that don’t fit to the back of your closet. I did this for myself after having to lose some weight!   

Just don’t hang onto the clothes you don’t think you’ll ever wear again because there’s nothing worse than being reminded that you aren’t happy with your body. Instead, I want you to LOVE your body and your clothes.   

One of the women I follow – Allison Lumbatis, says  – “if it’s not a heck yes, then it’s a no!”    That’s a pretty easy way to deal with whether to keep something. 

Remember, we are working to make your closet something you LOVE and a place you walk into and find easy outfits to put together.   

One good rule is to stop buying things because they are on sale. If you don’t believe it, it will fill your closet and make you not want to walk into it.    

Remember two things – not purchasing something you won’t wear will save you money and help with the retail industry’s waste.    

Building your closet and organizing is like getting fit and healthy.   It sucks initially, but once you feel good and look good, you’re so glad you did it.   

You’ve got this, my friend . . . . . and if you need help, reach out.  

Getting organized and building a closet you love is much like getting fit and healthy.

There is no quick fix or magic wand. It takes a great deal of time and discipline. Editing your closet is like those first couple of workouts back at the gym.

At first, it’s miserable, but then you feel great, and it gets easier.

I’ll leave you with some questions to ask for each outfit you have in question:

1) When was the last time I wore this?

2) Do I feel amazing in this?

3) Is this damaged at all?

If you can positively answer those questions, then keep the outfit.   If not . . . . pry it from your hands and make it a blessing to someone else.   😅  Happy Closet Editing!   

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5 Mindset Shifts to Make Before You Edit Your Closet!  

  1. Rebecca Pruett says:

    I love this! Thank you! I guess I needed permission to purge my closet!


    Was in the middle of removing holiday decorations today and stopped everything to purge the closet…now to get all of the items to donation!

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