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Fashion Fails: Common Mistakes That Can Take You From FRUMPY to CLASSY

1. The dreaded shoulder  “titties”!   Those awful bumps from where you’ve hung your sweater on a hanger.   

SOLUTION:   Check your hangers – I LOVE using fuzzy hangers that hold my garments in place.    The colorful plastic ones are cute but aren’t suitable for your clothes.    Another option is to fold your sweaters!

  FAIL         CLASSY

2.   Extra threads are coming from your garment – those hang loops are showing.

It’s distracting, and it looks sloppy.

SOLUTION: Cut them out.    Then hang the garments on our new fuzzy, felted hangers or fold them. 

Here’s another tip – don’t hang heavy dresses with stretchy straps – the weight of the garment will stretch the straps, and then you’ll have to have them shortened.   


3. Replace the belt that comes with the dress!! 

Most of the time, the belts that come with a dress or a pair of slacks are cheap.   Throw it away.    

SOLUTION:   Invest in a good belt.   It is an accessory that can be worn over and over.     


4.    Oooh, this is one of my biggest pet peeves. You sound like you’re wearing tap shoes.   You know what I’m talking about – you’ve lost the heel pad on the bottom of your shoe.   

Let’s face it – many of our shoes are what my shoe repairman calls “throw-away” shoes.   They aren’t worth the cost of having heel pads replaced.    However, if the shoes are worth it, take the time and effort to get them replaced.    I have shoes I have had for many years because I always check the heel pads each season before I wear them.   Plus, I polish my shoes (okay – I saw you roll your eyes) LOL    But, seriously, when I find a great pair of shoes I love, I take care of them.    Plus, here’s another little tip – take a black permanent marker to the edges of the shoes, making them look almost brand new.      

SOLUTION:  Find a shoe repair shop and take your heels for new heel pads.    It will save your shoes for another season, making you sound much classier.    Oh, and polish them at least once a season or spray them if they are suede to keep them from getting spotted.   

 FAIL         CLASSY

5.  What are those extra strings on the side of your garment?    Oh, belt loops!!    The loops are the only way stores can keep the “belt” with the garment on display.     We’ve already established the belt probably isn’t worth keeping.       

SOLUTION:  Get rid of them – cut them off.   The belt loops aren’t there for you – they are to hold on the belt while in the store.   Your outfit will be much more stylish when you add your quality belt at the waist.    

  FAIL         CLASSY

6.   Your jacket flaps are still sewn together.   The X threads on the jackets and blazers prevent the garment from getting a permanent wrinkle from the factory to the store to your closet.    

SOLUTION:    Make sure you cut them – and if you have a guy in your life – make sure he snips the threads on his jacket too.   

 FAIL          CLASSY

7. UGH – another pet peeve. Wrinkles happen, but don’t walk out the door with them. It’s like you are wearing a sign that says – I don’t care. Sorry.

SOLUTION:     I know it’s not fun to iron or steam your clothes – but make sure they look good before you hang them up (on your new hangers), and DON’T cram them into your closet.   Purge your closet often to keep the clothes you love looking CLASSY.   

  FAIL         CLASSY

8.   What is that tag on your cuff?   You know what I’m talking about.   When you buy a designer coat or jacket, they sew a label on the outside of the cuff that says the designer’s name.    That’s for the people packaging and shipping your products.   

SOLUTION:    I’m betting you know what I’m going to tell you to do –  right?    Cut it off!!    


I hope these tips help you become the beautiful, confident, and classy woman you are!!   

Pictures from Charles Manning, style director  

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Fashion Fails: Common Mistakes That Can Take You From FRUMPY to CLASSY

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