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Spring Closet Transition in 5 Quick Steps

  • 5 Quick Steps to Getting your Closet Spring Ready

It’s SPRING and even if the weather isn’t cooperating it’s time to bring out the lighter weight fabrics and put away the boots 😢 (I LOVE my boots)

Is your closet ready for the transition ?

You don’t have to do a major cleanout – but it is time to make some shifts so it’s easier to get dressed.

Here’s an easy seasonal swap.

We all know we wear what we see – so let’s bring out the warm weather clothes.

Bringing out those spring dresses, tops, and shoes can make you feel like you’ve got a brand-new wardrobe.

This is a great time to go through your cold-weather clothes and determine what you did and didn’t wear. If you didn’t wear it this season – look at it and think about “why”!

Does it still fit? (ask yourself if you’re ever going to be that weight again? )

Does this item match my current style anymore?

Does this item make me feel confident and happy when I wear it?

Don’t forget to be sure to check for stains and any repairs that need to be made – nothing worse than pulling an outfit out next winter and it needs a button or worse yet the stain has become a big problem.

After going through your winter clothes and deciding what you’ll keep, put them toward the back of your closet or store them away. .

Now the fun part – bring the spring clothes forward. If you’ve read my blog “10 Simple Ways to Organize Your Closet” you’ve got your clothes in “order”.

After you’ve brought out your spring clothes – begin to go through them asking the same questions as above.

So . . . to recap, here are the 5 quick steps to get your closet spring ready:

  1. Sort through your spring clothes and keep the ones that fit and are in good condition, and donate or sell the ones you no longer need.
  2. Remove or put to the back of your closet, all heavy winter clothing such as coats, sweaters, and boots from your closet.
  3. Pack away any winter clothes that you want to keep for next year in storage containers or vacuum-sealed bags.
  4. Organize your spring clothes by color or type to make them easier to find.
  5. Finally, add any new spring essentials, such as lightweight jackets or colorful tops to your closet.

Can’t wait to hear how many new outfits you’ll come up with for Spring simply by rearranging your closet and bring out the things you love.

Remember to experiment – try putting stripes and floral together, or a color combination you normally wouldn’t put together. Bring out that adorable necklace and put it with an outfit just for fun!

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Spring Closet Transition in 5 Quick Steps

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